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"Argus College is providing the types of
courses and content that directly relate to
what homebuilding teams need to know so
that we can execute successful
residential projects."

Bob Yoder
Division President
Shea Homes

"Argus College is a phenomenal experience
where you can obtain
first-hand knowledge from professionals
active in their field."

Dennis Gonzalez
Assistant Project Manager
Brookfield Homes

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"Argus College provided an intimate setting with very
knowledgeable and well respected professionals
in the industry as the instructors.

I look forward to attending more classes."

Nikki Balchunas
Project Coordinator
William Lyon Homes

What Makes Argus
So Different?
SHOW ME MORE Argus Is Here To Build Up Your Team
And Get Them Ready To Do Business
Seasoned Professionals

Training Young Executives

"Argus College is strategically filling a serious void in today’s development
industry – the skills gap. Construction and development are not the same
as they have been in previous decades; and having real world practical
application knowledge is arguably more valuable to employers than a
degree in a related field. More so than ever before, developers are not
asking prospects where they studied, but rather “what can you do.

"Argus gives the tools and knowledge needed to “do” what is required."

Gavin Percy
Assistant Project Manager
Brookfield Homes