27 June

Annexations & LAFCO

Is Annexation Difficult? Here in California, we have the Local Agency Formation Commission (better known as LAFCO), which oversees the formation of new cities and the annexation of properties into existing cities.  It seems that “rumors” can seem to take …

25 June

Environmental Assessments

What Are Technical Studies? During the entitlement process, many states require some form of assessment as to the environmental impacts anticipated from a proposed project.  In California, a state law known as CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) requires an environmental …

20 June

US Fish & Wildlife Service

What is a Section 7 Consultation? In the world of environmental agencies and environmental permits, I have often found it misunderstood as to the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) role in the process.  With other environmental agencies, such as …

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