Do I pay for the courses and watch from www.arguscollege.com website?
No, first you will have to self-register and log into the Argus Training Center. Once you have logged in, you will be able to pay and complete courses.

Is there an orientation or tour of the Argus Training Center?
Yes. When you first log in, we recommend you watch the short tour by clicking “Orientation” on the left side of the screen.

When self-registering, what if I do not see my organization/company listed in the drop down list?
You are probably the first from you organization to self-register. Simply type in your organization name in the field below it, and we will add your organization name for future registrants from your organization.

Once I’m logged into the Argus Training Center, how do I find the available courses?
Click on “My Training” on the left and you will see all of the available courses, including those you already have in progress or have completed.

How do I pay for the courses?
You will notice that each course will state the required tuition credits (e.g., 225 credits). When you are logged into the Argus Training Center, go to the “My Account” tab on the left and you will see a tab for purchasing tuition credits. Remember that 1 tuition credit equals 1 dollar (e.g., 225 tuition credits equals $225). The system will let you pay via a Paypal account or credit card.

How do I start a course?
Once you are logged into the Argus Training Center, you can browse courses by clicking on the left tab “My Training”. It will show all available courses in boxes, including courses you already have in progress and have completed. Simply click on that course box and it take you to the next screen with instructions. “Launch activity” will start the course.

How do I proceed through a course?
Once you have clicked “launch activity”, a new window will open and you will begin on the first screen. A typical course may have 90 – 95 screens, with each screen having information, videos, and/or assessment questions. Just follow the instructions on each screen.

How much time does a course take to complete?
A typical course may take 3 – 4 hours to complete depending on your pace. We will also have “short courses” which may vary from 5 minutes to 30 minutes as a general timeframe.

Can I stop in the middle of a course and resume where I left off?
Yes. Just as when you started the course, click on the course box and it will show you the same screen. Click “launch activity” and it will resume the course where you left off.

If I wanted to restart the course from the beginning, how would I do that?
You will have a one-time option to start the course again from the beginning. As when you started or resumed the course, you start by clicking the course box in “My Training”. In the next screen, you will see a “Restart” option toward the bottom. Simply click that option and you will be asked to type in “RETAKE” in a box. Once you do that, the screen will refresh and you can go up above in the same screen to “launch activity” and the course will be again on the first screen.

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion after completing a course?
Yes, the last screen of each course will say “Congratulations!” and you will simply exit out of the course. Then, click “My Certificates” on the left tab and your Certificate of Completion should be waiting for you there.

What if the video stops or shows an error message?
Because the videos are streamed via the internet, an interruption can occur in the streaming process due to internet signal, etc. Either refresh the screen, hit “Back” and then “Next” to return to the screen, or wait a few seconds to allow the streaming to continue. In almost all cases, it is an internet streaming issue that is always temporary.

What if PDF documents do not print correctly?
If a PDF document opens in a new tab, place the cursor over the document and you should see a printer icon for printing. Trying to print from the browser menu at the top may result in blank pages.

What if I cannot see the graphics clearly on the video screens?
The videos should allow you to go to “full screen” mode but we realize this does not always happen. In many cases within a video, the verbal description may be more important than seeing the actual graphic. If you wish to get a copy of the graphic, please send us an email to info@arguscollege.com and we will send you a PDF copy of the graphic.

Do the online courses operate properly in all web browsers?
Most web browsers, such as Chrome, allow the online courses to be followed properly. Many have experienced issues with Safari and probably best to find another browser such as Chrome.

What if I have a problem with the course or system?
Please send us a message from the Argus College website, or email us at info@arguscollege.com , or call us at (949) 391-6845. We will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible.

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