Utility Connections

Utility Laterals In Existing Streets?

In a typical suburban housing tract, a new water or sewer main will be installed in a new street along with service lines to each house.  These service lines, also know as laterals, often run from the main line to just behind the proposed curb line.  The plumber will then finish the connection from the back of curb to the house.

These sewer and water laterals are relatively less expensive to install because the mains are not active and the streets have not yet been constructed.  Trenches are dug before any asphalt or curb is poured, and the PVC laterals are laid and backfilled.  You might find that the cost of these laterals will range from $700 to $1,000 per lateral in these new tract streets.

Installing sewer and water laterals for homes on existing streets can be a much bigger cost issue.  To begin, you have asphalt that will need to be cut in order to dig the trench.  And the water and sewer mains within the existing street are active, meaning the connection will be a bit more complicated.  Because the street is active with cars, traffic control measures will add some significant costs to the process.  And then after the trenches have been backfilled, new asphalt will be needed to repair the street.  In the end, these lateral connections can range from $6,000 to $8,000 per lateral – significantly higher than those new street laterals.

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